No. 1 Buckingham Place

Situated in central London, at the junction with Palace Street, No. 1 Buckingham Place features as the exterior of the Prisoner's home and is seen in the opening titles of each episode.

Of Georgian style, the building's ornate portico, false window shutters and well-maintained garden give it an understated authority over its neighbours and, apart from a change of door colour, looks exactly as it did during The Prisoner filming in 1966.

The building is on the route of the twice annual London Location Walkabouts.

My model is a low relief façade and pays particular attention to the classically Georgian features. Its refined proportions and classic style make it an attractive yet unobtrusive addition to any town layout.

The model is 32 studs wide which is the same as a LEGO road plate. This allows easy integration into town layouts. Regrettably, this size has prohibited me from adding the window shutters to the second floor windows.

For more information on Buckingham Place and the other locations featured in the series, check out The Unmutual Prisoner Locations Guide.




Vital Statistics

Size: 32 studs × 2 studs × 31 bricks
256mm × 16mm × 300mm
Pieces (estimated): 275