Bridge House

Built in 1959 (listed Grade II 1971), Bridge House is one of Sir Clough's most successful buildings of his post-WWII period. The village (north) aspect (shown at right, top) is classically proportioned in the Georgian style. This was a deliberate attempt to contrast with the baroque style of the pre-war structures at Portmeirion.

The opposite (south) side (shown at right, bottom) contains a large ogee window, suggestive of Gothic architecture.

Bridge House fully exploits the existing terrain by sitting upon arches that straddle the road and link two outcrops of rock either side. Upon the approach, the arch frames Battery Square and introduces visitors to the main part of the village.

Bridge House provides four nightly accommodation suites offering stunning views of the village and estuary.


Vital Statistics

Size — upper section: 28 studs × 13 studs × 14 bricks
225mm × 105mm × 135mm
Size — total footprint: 30 studs × 24 studs
240mm × 192mm
Size — total height: 26 bricks
Pieces (estimated): 350