Building Notes

Some of the models on this site have electronic building instructions so you can build the model yourself (providing you have the correct pieces ;-) or examine how the model is constructed.

Models that have building instructions have an exact piece count and are illustrated by a crisp computer-generated rendering.

LDRAW Downloads

The building instructions are supplied as LDRAW files. LDRAW is a system that allows us to electronically describe how to build a LEGO model, and is a standard file format used within the LEGO fan community.

For information on how to install the files required for LDRAW and a list of viewers available for your operating system, please visit

Once you have installed the LDRAW system and an LDRAW file viewer you'll be able to see exactly how the model is built. There are also many tools for converting LDRAW files to various other 3D file formats. If you are interested in importing my models into your favourite 3D software, let me know.

Other Formats

If you are not able to install the LDRAW system on your computer and would like the instructions in a different format, please let me know.