Camera Obscura

Built in 1936 (camera obscura mechanism installed 1939; listed Grade II 1971), Portmeirion's Camera Obscura is one of only a dozen permanent examples of this kind of device in the UK.

A camera obscura uses a lens and a sequence of mirrors to project an image of the surrounding landscape onto a viewing surface - usually a large white table. The images produced are so highly detailed that one tends to forget that it is a live, moving image from outside.

The Camera Obscura sits on the quay and marks the edge of the main village. It is normally kept locked, however Hotel guests can request to see it in operation. The images produced are incredibly sharp and bright and give a truly unique perspective on the village.

Many thanks to Mike Frost for the camera obscura information. He suggests contacting Mike Feist at Foredown Tower for an up-to-date list of publically accessible camera obscuras in the UK.


Build It!

Vital Statistics

Size: 8 studs × 8 studs × 28 bricks
64mm × 64mm × 275mm
Pieces: 300