As one of the first buildings to be constructed in Portmeirion (built 1928; listed Grade II 1971), the Campanile's purpose was, according to Sir Clough, to "open his performance with a dramatic gesture of somesort". The Campanile elegantly rises eighty feet above the Village and is clearly visible from across the estuary.

Although not one of the "major attractions" of the series, the Campanile appears in several episodes. Upon awakening in the Village for the first time in Arrival, the Prisoner immediately ascends the tower to get a clearer view of his surroundings. This scene was filmed on location and having climbed the Campanile myself, I can vouch as to how little room there is inside. The thought of an actor, cameraman and a 1960's film camera crowding one floor is not one that I wish to dwell upon!

My model's small footprint allows easy integration into any town layout and its height makes it an instant focal point.



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Vital Statistics

Size: 10 studs × 10 studs × 57 bricks
80mm × 80mm × 560mm
Pieces: 687