Caterham Seven

Designed by Lotus founder Colin Chapman, the first incarnation of the Seven (the S1) was launched at the 1957 Earls Court Motor Show. The car was sold as a kit in order to avoid Purchase Tax and became hugely popular.

In 1960, the S2 was launched and in 1966, Patrick McGoohan chose it as the car for Number 6 in The Prisoner. This greatly helped the image of the S2 which already was selling better than the S1. However, it was also around this time that Lotus were considering to discontinue the car. One of the most supportive dealers of the car, Caterham, decided to continue their support of the car and became the sole distributor, taking over marketing and promotion — the Caterham Seven was born.

Caterham continue to manufacture and sell the Seven to this day.

For more information on the Caterham Seven and the other vehicles featured in the series, check out The Unmutual Prisoner Vehicle Guide.


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Vital Statistics

Size: 5 studs × 13 studs × 10 plates
40mm × 104mm × 32mm
Pieces: 82


Caterham Seven

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