Free For All Speedboat

In the episode Free For All the Village holds its elections. The Prisoner gets caught up in the excitment and finds himself running for the position of Number 2.

The election campaign takes its toll and the Prisoner suddenly makes a dash for freedom. He rushes down to the quay, commandeers a speedboat, and pilots it out to sea.

On board he fights with two village heavies, and is pursued by Number 2 in a helicopter. Eventually, Rover is launched and takes the Prisoner back to shore.

My model of the speedboat is a slightly amended version of the one from set #6698 RV with Speedboat.

For more information on the speedboat and the other vehicles featured in the series, check out The Unmutual Prisoner Vehicle Guide.



Vital Statistics

Size: 4 studs × 11 studs × 3 bricks
32mm × 88mm × 29mm
Pieces: 26