Overlooking the Piazza, the Gloriette (built 1965; listed Grade II 1971) is named after the structure at the Schöenbrunn Palace in Vienna. The Gloriette and Piazza replaced an unsightly tennis court and were built one year before The Prisoner filming commenced. It is difficult to imagine what the series would have been like if this development had not taken place.

The Gloriette appears throughout The Prisoner, but has its most prominent role in Free For All where it sees the Prisoner give his election speech. It also features in It's Your Funeral and A Change of Mind where it is used for a similar speech-making purpose.

It also plays an important role in Arrival when we are introduced to the Village guardian ("Rover") for the first time. The large white weather balloon appears atop the structure and glides down to smother a dissenting Villager.


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Vital Statistics

Size: 32 studs × 6 studs × 21 bricks
256mm × 48mm × 200mm
Pieces: 420