Lady's Lodge

Built in 1938 in the baroque style, Lady's Lodge was originally a garage for use by hotel guests. Over the years, the building has been called variously Battery Stores, The Peacock, and Siop Bach (Small Shop). The building was listed Grade II in 1971.

The lower floor of the building currently serves as a gift shop, whilst the upper floor is a beauty parlour.

This building was used as the "general store" throughout the Prisoner. In Arrival, we see the Prisoner attempt to buy a map — only to discover that it gives no clues to his whereabouts other than "in the Village"!

In Hammer Into Anvil the Prisoner buys six copies of a record and a cuckoo clock in an attempt to confuse an already paranoid Number 2. The hapless shopkeeper is summoned to Number 2 and asked to explain the Prisoner's actions.

The exterior of the building is well seen in both of these episodes.


Vital Statistics

(excluding arch and bay window):
12 studs × 18 studs × 18 bricks
95mm × 143mm × 165mm
Pieces (estimated): 375