London Bus

The world-famous red Routemaster buses are an iconic London image. The Routemaster bus was designed in 1954 by the London Transport Engineering Manager, Colin Curtis. They were still a familiar sight around the capital until December 2005 when the Routemasters were taken out of service in favour of more accessible vehicles. A small number of Routemasters are still in service in London on special heritage routes.

In the final episode of The Prisoner, Fall Out, the Prisoner and three others escape to London and go their separate ways. In one of the more amusing scenes, the Prisoner and the dwarf butler (Angelo Muscat) run to catch a bus — with the butler only just being able to keep up with his new master!

My model of the bus is heavily based upon the vintage 1975 LEGO set #760 London Bus. My main modifications are to use the newer style of wheels and curved pieces for the roof.

For more information on the Routemaster Bus and the other vehicles featured in the series, check out The Unmutual Prisoner Vehicle Guide.

Routemaster bus image copyright Rick Davy.


Build It!

Vital Statistics

Size: 6 studs × 19 studs × 10 bricks
48mm × 152mm × 96mm
Pieces: 132