Mini Moke

The Mini Moke was designed to be a "Jeep"-like vehicle for the British Army. However its low ground clearance and small wheels made it unsuitable for any off-road terrain. Other problems were its lack of load space and canvas roof which made it unsuitable in inclemment weather.

The Mini Moke has since become popular as a fun runabout in hot climates and they are often to be found as hire transport in many holiday destinations in those countries.

In The Prisoner the Mini Moke features as just such a vehicle. It functions as a taxi, an ambulance, a hearse and even a bomb-disposal vehicle!

In Free For All the Village holds its free elections. The Prisoner is soon caught up in it and embarks on the campaign trail. He is supplied with a moke and driver for the duration of the campaign. A large picture of the Prisoner is errected on the back of the moke, and he delivers his manifesto from the back whilst being driven around the Village.

In Checkmate, the Prisoner enlists the help of a fellow Villager to contact the outside world. They commandeer a moke and use it to collect various electrical items from around the Village. They are also followed (in another moke) by a female Villager who thinks she is in love with the Prisoner. This sequence is probably the closest to a moke chase that we see in the series.

In Living In Harmony, the Prisoner finds himself in the Wild West. At the end of the episode it is revealed that the town is just a set not far from the Village itself. Number 2 jumps in a taxi and is driven to the set. The sight of a mini moke in a Western town is a bizarre one indeed!

For more information on the Mini Moke and the other vehicles featured in the series, check out The Unmutual Prisoner Vehicle Guide.



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Vital Statistics

Size: 4 studs × 11 studs × 15 plates
32mm × 90mm × 50mm
Pieces: 59