MS Polotska

MS Polotska is the boat that features in the episodes Checkmate and Many Happy Returns.

In Checkmate the Prisoner enlists the help of fellow inmates to hatch an escape plan. They steal various electrical components from around the Village and put together a radio transmitter to send out a distress signal.

The boat (called "MS Polotska" in the episode) responds and the Prisoner paddles a dinghy out to the boat at sea. When he gets on board he discovers that Polotska belongs to the Village. A fight ensues, Rover is launched, and the Polotska – with the errant Prisoner on board – is escorted back to the Village.

In Many Happy Returns the Prisoner awakes to find the Village deserted. He takes the opportunity to build a raft and sail to freedom. However, the long days at sea take their toll and eventually the Prisoner falls unconscious on his raft.

The boat (unnamed in this episode) pulls up, but its crew do not try and help the Prisoner &ndash they're more interested in ransaking his raft for supplies. They throw the Prisoner off the raft which wakes him up and he sneaks on board. Then he disables the crew and pilots the boat towards shore.

However, the crew are not defeated. A fight ensues and ends with the Prisoner being thrown overboard. He makes it to shore and continues his journey.

My model of the Polotska uses the hull from the vintage 1987 set #4010 Police Rescue Boat, which I bought from eBay. I removed the "Police" stickers, but left the "4010" ones as a reminder of the boat's heritage. Using the #4010 hull means that the model really floats and, more importantly, belatedly satisfies the desire I had for LEGO boats when I was young ;-)

For more information on the boat and the other vehicles featured in the series, check out The Unmutual Prisoner Vehicle Guide.



Vital Statistics

(excluding protrusions):
10 studs × 25 studs × 11 bricks
85mm × 217mm × 98mm
Draught: 10 plates
Pieces: 102