The Noo Noo

The "Noo Noo" features in the BBC children's television series Teletubbies (first aired 1997) as the vacuum cleaner which cleans up whenever the Teletubbies make a mess.

The Noo Noo prop was built by Rex Garrod who also built the radio-controlled car Brum. Both series are produced by Ragdoll Limited.

Fans of Robot Wars may recognise Rex Garrod as the creator of the robots "Recyclopse" and "Cassius".

My model of the Noo Noo is my first and only attempt at building any kind of train. I have no LEGO train track, so the only chance I get to see it run is at local LEGO train shows. It is always a big hit with the children (and sometimes adults!).


Vital Statistics

Size: 8 studs × 12 studs × 10 bricks
64mm × 96mm × 96mm
Pieces: 146

Build it!

Please read the Building Notes for further explanation.