Built in 1965 (listed Grade II 1971), the Piazza forms the focal point of the centre of Portmeirion.

Overlooked by the Gloriette, the Piazza comprises an ornamental pool, fountain, lush flower beds and benches and provides a relaxing atmosphere in sight, sound and smell. Opposite to the Gloriette are two Ionic columns supporting gilded figures.

The site of the Piazza was that of a tennis court built in the 1930s. Sir Clough's original plan for the Piazza included a row of small cottages at either side and a tower. However, a much more open and relaxing space was created instead.

My model of the Piazza is built on twelve 8 × 16 bricks for ease of storing or transporting.

The Piazza provides an attractive focal point for any layout, and the Gloriette blends well with other LEGO town architecture.



Vital Statistics

(including Gloriette):
32 studs × 48 studs
256mm × 384mm