The Stagecoach

A curious item in Portmeirion, this old stagecoach sat for many years at the seating area between the Ship Shop and the Trinity cottage. It can be seen in the background there in some episodes of The Prisoner, most notably in Arrival when the Prisoner calls for a taxi at the information board.

It was, at some point, moved to the reception area where it remained until 1988 when it was renovated and returned to its original place.

Sadly, the stagecoach is no longer at Portmeirion as it eventually fell into disrepair and was left to quitely rot away.

There is little documentation of the stagecoach, so I am indebted to Max Hora's The Prisoner of Portmeirion for the information, and Bill Sherren for the photograph (shown at right) which dates from 1981.


Build It!


Vital Statistics

Size: 9 studs × 19 studs × 10 bricks
68mm × 145mm × 93mm
Pieces: 138